Here We Go Again……

Yet another round of EM rashes. Trying not to feel discouraged, and considering the implications of treating with doxy in the summer months (no sun exposure) or trying to go the herbal route – at least until school starts again.

It is a good reminder (as I am beginning to work with Lyme patients and others with both acute and chronic diagnosis) of the intense emotions that can go along with an illness. I was saddened to see my son’s disappointment when we noticed the bulls-eye rashes – and his acceptance that this disease continues to affect his life.

I am reminded of a moment last October; I picked him up from school, and he was talking to me about how great this school year was going (he happened to have been on doxy for the past six weeks). I said to him, “Well, this is the first year you are really feeling well, right?” His response: “Mom, do you mean this is what most people feel like all the time?” I definitely had to hold back some tears at that moment.

So, even though we have hit another bump, I am grateful that we have come so far, and remain open to the lessons we have yet to learn.